The thin mosaic, the tissue of a planet is upvheal and each landscape has it own signature: art is what we do and culture is what is done to us

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LandEscape is launching the 7th edition of “LandEscape Now!”, an international contemporary art competition, which introduces nine works of art by nine international artists from the international scenario in various fine arts disciplines.

LandEscape aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support contemporary creation worldwide through the advertising of works of art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meaning of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. 

This will be a recurring theme but not the only one, since LandEscape is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:

  •  Photography
  •  Painting
  •  Videoart
  •  Fashion Art
  •  Embrodery
  •  Interactive art installations
  •  Audio / Sound
  •  Performative Arts
  •  Mixed Art
  •  Public Art
  •  Body Art
  •  Street Art
  •  Spoken Word
  •  Documentary

The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists and professionals who are at least 18 years old, from any country: selected works will be published to our next issue of "LandEscape Art Review"

Submission guidelines

Prospecting participants must submit an extended abstract (max 700 words) describing their works and short biographical notes (CV)
The abstract should include any additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation of the contribution.

Submissions should be written in English and the abstract must be mailed as PDF (or RTF / DOCX document) to

You can enter your submission directly here

LandEscape submissions do not require any entry fee