August 14th, 2016 We would like to thank you all for the amazing response to the 8th Edition of our call: selected participants will be notified via email of their status of acceptance by the end of September 2016.

LandEscape aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support creation art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meaning of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. 

OPEN CALL LandEscape Now! International Call for Artists 8th Edition

aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support creation art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meaning of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. 

This will be a recurring theme but not the only one, since LandEscape is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to:

  •  Fine Art Photography
  •  Painting
  •  Video art
  •  Interactive art installations
  •  Audio / Sound
  •  Performative Arts
  •  Mixed Media
The contest is open to all artists or groups of artists from any country: selected works will be published in the next issue of "LandEscape Art Review"

If you experience any issue with our entry form and you would like to include more information as well as specific materials, please contact our editorial board, mailto: or

Submission guidelines

Prospecting participants must submit an abstract describing their works and additional attachments (video, photos) for a thorough evaluation of the contribution.

Submissions should be written in English and the abstract must be emailed to

LandEscape submissions do not require any entry fee: only selected artists will be asked for a small contribution to support the independence of our project
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Multidisciplinarity is the focus of this special issue. We had the chance to interview 9 artists whose works reveal the relationship between the nature of media and their expressive potential
  • Lisa Birke  (Canada/USA)
  • Christian Gastaldi  (France)
  • Noah Klersfeld  (USA)
  • Rart & Sete'  (UK)
  • Olga Butenop  (Russia)
  • Alexandre Dang  (France)
  • Irene Pouliassi  (Greece)
  • Dmitry Kmelnitsky  (USA)
  • Bethany Taylor (USA)
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The power of photography is not just to record:
it's about exposing the viewers to something new: not just about seeing the world and every time you look at the picture you are there once again.
  • Rosalyn Song (USA)
  • Maria Kostareva (UK)
  • Jasper Van Loon  (Belgium)
  • Elena Kholkina  (UK)
  • Sima Yousefnia (USA)
  • Wess Haubrich  (USA)
  • Ana Cuzovic  (United Kingdom)
  • Malgorzada Zuravac  (Poland)
  • Courtney Henderson  (USA)
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"Landscape" is a word that sums up all the concepts, all the experiences that cannot be condensed into memory's flow: it is not just a matter of where live, but especially the way we perceive our inner world
  • Josh Booth  (USA)
  • Larry Cwik  (USA)
  • Alfred Marseille  (France)
  • Gabe Babcock  (USA)
  • Amir Ahmadipour  (USA)
  • Djojo & Versteeg  (Belgium)
  • David JP Hooker  (USA)
  • Donald Bracken  (USA)
  • Meri Page  (United Kingdom)

Publication    Anniversary Special Edition

We are pleased to announce the shortlisted artists that will be featured in the upcoming Anniversary Edition of LandEscape Art Review

We had the chance to get in touch with 9 artists from the worldwide scene who have developed a significant body of work deeply engaged with a multidisciplinary approach, which reveals the kaledoiscopic nature and the creative potential of Contemporary Art

  • Miya Ando (USA)
  • Edan Gorlicki (The Netherlands)
  • Laurie Sumiye  (USA)
  • Yona Levi Grosman  (Israel)
  • Rudiger Fischer (Germany)
  • Lee Tal  (USA)
  • Xiaohong Zhang  (USA)
  • Greg Condon  (United Kingdom)
  • Ye'ela Wilschanski  (Israel)

The complete publication is available at our channel and soon also on the JooMag platform. For any inquiry do not hesitate to contact our board, just send an email to and we'll be happy to give you all the information about the selection process and the next deadllines


My work is of narrative nature, it opens up a space from which the recipient can think ahead. The works contain one or more questions that you can talk about. Mostly, my questions research the relationships between reality and possible reality, between sign and matter. You can say: I am suggesting a narrative. And as well: I am creating a situation. Some situations do not seem to be possible at all and some fictions seem to be more attractive than the real history.Some fiction I created is drawing dystopian stories of the future. The series is examining the way we are constructing future and especially failed futures. That’s what I am doing, and I call it art.
Rudiger Fischer multidisciplinary visual artist, lives and works in Lubek, Germany
I am interested in the social dynamics arising from contemporary culture - particularly how personal identity is affected by environment and how our social and affective lives interconnect. This interest in the psychology of place has been a catalyst for both autobiographical and voyeuristic projects, documentary approaches to more conceptual ones. Much of my photographic and video work highlights the domestic environment, although projects sometimes refer more broadly to place and sites in transition. My recent series share an underlying narrative about human interaction or presence. My work has been reviewed as 'sensually and psychologically intriguing' , possessing 'moments and places of tension.
Mandy Williams  photographer, lives and works in London, United Kingdom
My art practice refers to stories of reversion, representation and displacement. I understand my art work as multidimensional collages of opening spaces of intercultural contentions. It intends to evoke in the eye of the beholder individual, collective, socio-political and religious representations.
I like to shift, to shuffle and to superpose places and meanings to make perceptible, observeable and apparent.
The strategy of alienation, displacement and transformation is a search for making social conflict zones visible, to provide an insight to the public to think and perceive space and time on a different way.
Juerg Luedi  performance and mixed media artist, lives and works in Berne, Switzerland
The camera is the tool I use in the urban landscape to merge reality with utopia and triviality with complexity. My work revolves around the observation of what lies on the periphery – things and objects that frame our everyday life yet exhibit a spirit or a character of their own. Buildings that seem to stare back at me, brutal residential blocks that radiate their cold anonymity, or martial temples of Nazi origin cast in rock. I make copies of my prints, change their proportions, detach details and elements from their original cityscape surroundings. I then cut, fold and rearrange the prints, into three‐dimensional volumes.
Urte Beyer  multidisciplinary visual artist, lives and works in Berlin, Germany
Conceptually I am consistently drawn for all my projects to the themes of mystery, beauty, transfiguration, culture, and surrealism. I am not certain why but I am also consistently drawn to certain types of images. Sometimes my images are infused with sociopolitical commentary, other times not. Always I strive for beauty in my work, and originality. Both are important to me, no matter if the image is photographic, color or black and white, or from my mind, as in a drawing.   Links to two interviews about my work are available for viewing by clicking the Interviews link at the top of the screen.
Larry Cwik  fine art and experimental photographer, lives and works in Portland, Oregon, USA
My work explores the image in an experimental way using a variety of media, from audio-visual projects to site-specific environmental interventions. Current investigations revolve around what is an image and how different forms of perception shape its meaning.I tend to work by limiting myself to a few essential materials, each piece being the product of an elaborate generative process. The subsequent works are hybrids between my conceptual framework and nature. I attempt to strike a balance between human intervention and nature, creating works that hover at the threshold between my conceptual premise.
Barbara Bartos  visual and kinetic artist, lives and works in London, United Kingdom
In the beginning of my process, I get ideas from experience and lately from things I see in thelandscape that inspire me.
I usually make a series of word lists and sketches, very rough thumbnailsreally. Then I move on to making images that follow the sketches.
The only body of work that relies totally on what happens in the moment is Water. For that series, I am in the water and the work is spontaneous and dependent on the light and nature.
Any work using props and models, such as with objectify and Her Stories, is much more time intensive.
Jana C. Perez photographer and video artist, lives and works in London, United Kingdom

Edan Gorlicki
(United Kingdom)

The philosophy and beliefs surrounding my artistic approach are based on searching the self within its surroundings. Inspired yet confronted by the world around him, I find artistic comfort within the search for belonging and connecting. What better way to explore life then through movement and researching the body within the space around it?
My work always explores psychological and emotional realms. I believes that through personal experience he can use his work as a mirror for both his audience and himself. In the past Edan has made stage works on numerous subjects such as hierarchy, stress, addictions, belonging and perceptions amongst others.

Yona Levy Grosman is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose artistic activity comprehends paintings, video art, drawings, poetry and essays. By her choice, she lives and works in the Negev, the southern part of Israel which is mostly a vast desert. And the desert is the most influential factor of her artistic work. It seems that her whole creation is an attempt to understand, sometimes to conquer, sometimes letting herself being captured by the desert's power and magic. One may refer to her work within the romantic paradigm of the sublime, on one hand the admiration of the vast landscape, on the other the realization of the insignificance of human beings.
Miya Ando is an American artist whose metal canvases and sculpture articulate themes of contradiction and juxtaposition of ideas.The foundation of Ando’s practice is the transformation of surfaces. Applying traditional techniques of her ancestry, she skillfully transforms sheets of burnished industrial steel, using heat and chemicals, into ephemeral abstractions suffused with subtle gradations of color. She says: “I have a deep appreciation for the dynamic properties of metal and its ability to reflect light. Metal simultaneously conveys strength and permanence and can appear luminous and ethereal."
Landscape painting was regarded as the highest form of Chinese painting, The classical Chinese landscape painting are rolling hills and rivers of native countryside in peaceful scenes done with softer, rubbed brushwork. Emphasis was placed on the spiritual qualities of the painting and on the ability of the artist to reveal the inner harmony of man and nature, as perceived according to Taoist and Buddhist concepts. Beside my investigation of re-figuring the traditional art form of Chinese landscape painting.I tried to insert modern industrial chaos into the traditional peaceful vision. 
Where are we today and where do we come from? This generation creates new encounters, while keeping the old ones. That’s what we call our «sou- venirs» our memories. It’s also the idea of an individual seen as a moving border. The idea of different terms which act as a border that rather connects than separates. In a world more and more disenchanted and materialistic, the notion of travel, of the faraway, of elsewhere, are in a sense, what let people escape the grip of everyday life.
March 23rd, 2015  Harry Burke interviews Kari Altman

Kari Altman is an American artist, art director, performer, and musician focused on the tropes of today's survival fantasy aesthetics, identity mutation, and "sharing culture" an American artist, art director, performer, and musician focused on the tropes of today's survival fantasy aesthetics, identity mutation, and "sharing culture"
As she underlines " You could make other people's art, you could predict what everyone was going to post next, faster than they could post it. Your ideas and personalities became brands instantly. You started viewing everything in situ with similar and related content around it, which in art always included other work that was copying it or at least was uncomfortably similar. It also included products, artifacts, architecture, and selfies. The timeline from thought to post diminished. All content sources became equalized. Resources were scarce. Memes dominated. It's a story for another time." Read the >>>complete article>>>
09.00.2014 TOPICAL CREAM
ari Altmann: Context Coaxing"
EVENT  Transient Matters: Arranging Re-arranging  (part of Open House 2016)

Transient Matters is the first in a series of interventions in the courtyard at Bow Arts, a flexible event space that forms part of a development designed by Delvendahl Martin Architects at 183 Bow Road. The project, completed in 2014, consolidates the chartiy’s activites at the heart of its Bow Road studio complex. Funded by Arts Council England and Bow Arts Trust, the project forms part of a wider development strategy for the organisation’s premises, reclaiming underused spaces for public and artistic use and helps to articulate the relationship between the three existing brick buildings on the site, all housing artists’ studio spaces: a nineteenth century ex-Nunnery wing, an industrial building of the same period and a mid-twentieth century warehouse. Click here to book a place to meet the artist and architects at 1pm Transient Matters runs until Friday 25th September 2015
March 16th  OPPORTUNITY Summer Study in London and New York, by Sotheby's Institute of Art

"Every summer, Sotheby’s Institute of Art welcomes hundreds of students from around the globe to our campuses in the great art capitals of London and New York.  Summer Study is designed for students, professionals, career changers and art enthusiasts interested in developing a deeper understanding of art and the international art market.  Taking full advantage of each city's rich cultural offerings, our summer courses include classroom lectures and site visits to museums, galleries, artist studios and special exhibitions led by leading art world scholars and practitioners in the field."
Learn more: Summer study in London Summer study in New York

Helen Varley Jamieson performing “make-shift,” Brisbane, 2012; photo by Suzon Fuks
Read the >>>complete article>>>

March 26th, 2016  Cyberformance in the Third Space: A Conversation with Helen Varley Jamieson
(interview by Randall Packer)

Randall Packer has interviewed Helen Varley Jamieson, an interesting digital media artist, playwright and performer from New Zealand.
She underlines "that there are different kinds of relationship between audience and performers, at least in performances using platforms such as UpStage, where the audience have the possibility to chat with each other and with the artists.  The response from the audience to the performance is in some ways more direct – they can comment in the chat and will often be very honest in their comments; and in other ways more distant – a standing ovation has to be typed into the chat, which is less of a loud emotional outpouring." 
read on the first special issue of 2015
  • Leonid Kalyadin  (Russia)
  • Jaeyeon Yoo  (USA)
  • Colin Rosati  (United Kingdom)
  • Chantelle Ferri  (Australia)
  • Mozghan Erfani  (France)
  • Don Rice (Canada)
  • Rick Fisher  (Canada)
  • Clara Aparicio Yordi  (Spain)
  • Meri Page  (United Kingdom)
read on the second special issue of 2015
  • Irene Pouliassi  (Greece)
  • James Halvorson  (USA)
  • Laura Iosifescu  (UK)
  • Gabe Babcock  (USA)
  • Angela McFall  (UK)
  • Djoj&Versteg  (The Netherlands)
  • Finn Godwin  (United Kingdom)
  • Ronnie Stelling  (USA)
  • Vera Cauwenberghs  (Belgium)
read on the third special issue of 2015
  • Melissa Moffat  (USA)
  • Monika Szpener  (UK)
  • Kees Ouwens  (The Netherlands)
  • Glen Farley  (USA)
  • John Naccarato  (USA)
  • Sergey Sobolev  (Russia)
  • Faridun Zoda  (USA)
  • Joon Sung  (USA)
  • Nork Zacharian  (France)

October 15th, 2014  Special 2014 issue just released!

We are glad to announce that the October issue of LandEscape Art Review has been finally published. In this issue we have focused on Visual Arts, with a particular attention on a representative approach, as well as experimental media and dance, as the interesting pieces of Poland based artist Gosia Mielech.

We are glad to invite our readers to get to know the stimulating works that we had the pleasure to select. In this issue:

Jana C. Perez (USA)
Frances Schandera-Duarte (Germany)
Gosia Mielech (Poland/Germany)
Kahori Kamiya (Japan)
Marinda Scaramanga (France)
Agata Wisniowska (USA)
Clare Petherick (United Kingdom)
Geetha Alagirisamy (Switzerland)


Frances Schandera

Frances Schandera-Duarte include´s a large palette of eclectic art materials in her paintings. These are fashioned in a way that merge and blend all elements into a unified and compelling whole. She layers oil paint with ink, incorporates glued surgical gauze, mineral sands and various papers to create these meditative paintings.  This allows for many different interpretations of the final piece. Schandera-Duarte manages to direct the living surfaces of her works with idiosyncratic structures to create dream-like mindscapes.
Katy Unger
Perception is sharp and delicate.From sound to shape to colorLiving beings within the wombfeeding upon reflectionsin constant vibration. The silent hum of an electrified landscape. A gradual warmthon the edge of consciousness. In my work and in my process, I look for a connection between the conscious and subconscious - in my execution, a balance between control and chance. I seek to find a unity within the anonymity of the vast social sphere we have created and the deeply personal individuality which we can never escape.
MyLoan Dinh
I came to know the Beats during my college years. I had a wonderful professor, Daniel Gerzog, who taught a literature course who introduced me to the work of Ginsberg and Kerouac. I believe this generation of aesthetic souls to be instrumental—an entire group witnessed the talks of Zen scholar Daisetz T. Suzuki at Columbia (including Agnes Martin, Rothko and Cage, amongst others). During the time while I was in college, Ginsberg was still alive, and he was quite active in NYC those days.
Victor Pardinho
Audio-reactive pieces is one of my biggest research and interest field.  When I started doing this piece I just had the music to follow so I started to experiment on catching some frequencies of the sound and generating some real-time graphics. By this time I already knew that I wanted to do a video mixing foreign places footage, that I had some editing already done.  That's where this red tone came and that's what I liked about it, making variables and being surprised by the result.
Gosia Mielech
We live in a society that cultivates speed, greed, a culture of material achievement, power and superficiality. There is seldom a place left in life for deeper contemplation, pursuit of peace and balance. Sababa is all about sharing and rediscovering inner perception.
Sababa is a dance piece, that illustrates Zofia and my (co- creator of the piece) overwhelming fascination with dance, freedom and commendation of Israeli culture. It presents a sine wave of people’s emotions.
Wang Haiyuan
My life experience has decided my interests and the way I’m doing my job. The small problem I faced today might be the big problem we are facing nowadays my job as art designer gives me a lot of experience. Due to space constraints the project ”Empty house” has not been fully exploited and completed. The idea of this project is to make a static noise environment when participants walked into the space, shied the amplified static noise by the sensor, and amplify the sound of participants’ bodies by the sensor.
Alice Zilberberg
When you think of fairy tales, you might think of a beautiful princess with long golden hair, ahandsome prince in shinning armor, or a fairy godmother performing miracles. Think again. The sweet,innocent children's tales known today did not always end with “happily ever after”. The meaning, tone andcontent of older versions of these fairy tales, collected by the Brothers Grimm, was dark, even ugly. They included harsh punishment of characters, sexual inferences and often death.

Nathalie Reynolds
Through an investigation of form and interplay of dark & light, I make reference to the dichotomies of randomness and chaos, vs. balance and renewal. Shapes, quirky brushstrokes, and contrasting colours become unintended characters in loose enigmatic narratives, woven via layers of paint. I approach the act of painting with a barrage of material on canvas, then revisit the work at a later time to refine with a more controlled technique. I aim to capture the immediacy of expression resulting in unexpected subject matter.
September 16th, 2014  Charles Eppley interviews the artist Sergei Tcherepnin

Charles Eppley has interviewed artist Sergei Tcherepnin who participated in a lecture series organized by the Center for Experimental Lectures at Recess. The evening was dedicated to investigating sound as an artistic material, both material and psychological, and also featured philosopher Christoph Cox.
Tcherepnin underlines that he "started to realize that there was not much conversation on sound, which in reality is very subjective... but normally it is talked about much more objectively. For example, even though a lot of the early 1960s pieces might have subjective tactics or strategies, like liberating the spectator to experience sound differently by walking around the space, there was still always an acceptance of sound as a pure, absolute material.>>>complete interview>>>
View of Ei Arakawa & Sergei Tcherepnin,
Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo

January 15th, 2015  Special issue just released!

We are glad to announce that the January Special issue of LandEscape Art Review is finally out.

We had the chance to interview 8 amazing artists from the international scene, whose works are capable of establishing a deep synergy between unexpected aspects of the way we perceive the world we inhabit in, creating a channel of communication between reality and imagination.
We are proud to present their multifaceted production to our ever growing international audience. In this issue:

Artemis Herber (USA)
Sarah Scaniglia (France)
Thea Stevenson  (United Kingdom)
Satsuki Imai (Japan)
Christine Holtz (USA)
Lauren S. Zadikow (USA)
Jacqueline Sim (Singapore)
Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn (USA)
Yechiam Gal (Israel/USA)
EVENT  Summer Cinema

A worldwide film gathering, think outside the box…   Gallery invites you to a worldwide film gathering for the premiere of Summer Cinema. This exhibition will feature work from across a range of creative practices and media, celebrating the talent and diversity of contemporary films, art videos and animation. We are proud to present more than 30 short films, art videos and animation to play in our program. Highlights include awarded films "Aubade" from Mauro Carrero and "A film by Abigail" from Paul Vernon, plus plenty more – a full listing will be available a couple of days before our preview night. Our project space will turn into a cinema for this occasion. Cosy up on a cushion, enjoy the popcorn and let us tell you wonderful stories.
March 12, 2015  Global Audiences, Zero Visitors: How to measure the success of museums’ online publishing
(posted on Rhizome by Orit Gat)

An interesting article that can be read on Rhizome "As museums are rethinking their relationship to their audience online, an increasing number chooses to publish online magazines, and many of these publications emerge from institutions that are not necessarily the major museums in art world hubs.  while others produce magazines that are thematically related to subjects the museum covers but are not directly linked to the art on view. What they all share is a feeling that online publishing expands the museum's audience, making it a potentially global one."  >>> read it >>>

May 9th, 2014  May 2014 issue just released!

After a really exciting spring when we had the chance to get in touch with the worldwide artistic scene, the new Special issue of LandEscape Art Review is finally ready. We have paid a particular attention on contemporay Fine Art Photography and we have appreciated the historical approach of Massimo Cataldo as well as the refined, painterly one of Katy Unger and Phelan McConaha. We are glad to invite our readers to get to know the stimulating words that we had the pleasure to select.

In this issue:

Andy-Jean Leduc (USA)
Alice Zilberberg (Germany)
Lois Cremmins (USA)
Thomas S. Ladd (USA)
Mandy Williams (United Kingdom)
Phelan McConaha (USA)
Gurkan Mihci (Turkey)
Massimo Cataldo (Belgium)

EVENT  Comrades of Time by Andrea Geyer at the Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: Refrains of Freedom International Conference

The Non Profit Art Company “Out of the Box Intermedia” presents “Comrades of Time” by Andrea Geyer curated by Dr Sozita Goudouna within the context of the “Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: Refrains of Freedom International Conference” on Friday 24th of April at 17.30-19.30pm at the French Institute of Athens and on Saturday 7.30-11.00pm at the Museum of History of the University of Athens, (Old University, or Oikia Kleanthous) Comrades of Time attempts to find new ways to capture time in the image by engaging with the question of time and with the provocation of Gilles Deleuze’s term the “Time-Image.” The artist is researching on the new significance of time and on the temporalization of the image as a political, historical and cultural construct by working with seven women who recite monologues composed from speeches, letters and essays from 1916-1941, written by architects, writers, philosophers and political organizers >>>read the complete article>>>
Refrains of Freedom
Special thanks to Frances Schandera-Duarte, Agata Wiśniowska, Gosia Mielech, Jana C. Perez, Kahori Kamiya, Geetha Alagirisamy, Clare Petherick, Thomas S. Ladd, Damir Matijev, ic. Melissa Moffat, John Naccarato, Adam Sher, Hank Feeley, Kees Ouwens, Monika Szpener, Angela McFall, Irene Pouliassi. Laura Iosifescu, Alison Alfredson, Lisa Birke, Rosalyn Song, Antonia Cacic, Allison Wells, Rüdiger Fischer, David JP Hooker, Larry Cwik, Alfred Marseille, Josh Booth, Xiaohong Zhang, Christopher Reid, Sven Froekjaer-Jensen, Patrick W. Paul, Batya Kuncman, Maria Kostareva, Jasper van Loon, Rosalyn Song, Wess Haubrich, Zavi Apfelbaum, Courtney Henderson, Noah Klersfeld, Alexandre Dang, Christian Gastaldi, Dmitry Kmelnitsky, Rick Fisher, Don Rice, Chantelle Ferri, Colin Rosati, Mikey Peterson, Brice Bourdet, Sarah Stolar, Marc Lee, Mandy Williams, Katy Unger, Massimo Cataldo, Amanda McConaha, Tatsuru Arai, Alice Zilberberg, Lois Cremmins, Sergio San Martin, Nicolas Vionnet, Dawn Nye, Anne Shaw, Swaantje Guentzel, David Clark, Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe, Anastasya Koshin, Bethany Taylor, Virginie Drey, Philippe Bodino Philippe, Juerg Luedi, Urte Beyer, Rudiger Fischer, Stuart Gibson, Carrie Perreault, Rina Dwek, Adrian Hatfield, Pierre-Paul Marchini, Ana Cuzovic, Rebecca Beltz, Simon Coates, Rosmarie Weinlich, Suzanne Stacy, Kevin O'Brien, Thomas Marcusson, Camilla Haudekal, Sandra Turtle, Maite Rodriguez, Jonathan Herzborg, Bianca Bondi, Isabelle Lutz and Linda Havenstein.

read the previous issues of LandEscape directly on